226 Front Street NYC 10038 (212)285-BAKE

Sunday Brunch

Black Bean topped w/ avocado & sour cream $5.50
Chicken-Orzo w/ roasted vegetables $6.75
Sandwiches and Salads:
Organic Chicken Apple Sausage w/ sauerkraut & spicy caramelized onions on a potato roll $8.00
Frittata Sandwich ham, Swiss & chive frittata pressed on foccacia $8.50
Dijon Chicken Salad w/broccoli florets on arugula $8.50
The 1/2 & 1/2 Sandwich Combination: Half smoked salmon w/ pickled onions & caper cream cheese on rye toast & half egg salad w/ chipotle bacon on sourdough $8.75
Niman Ranch Ham and Swiss w/honey-Dijon mustard on croissant $8.25
Ratatouille Melt w/ whipped ricotta and provolone on focaccia $8.25
Turkey Sandwich w/ avocado mash & arugula on multigrain $4.50
Special Drinks:
Organic Yogurt Smoothies Blueberry-Pomegranate OR Strawberry $3.50
Vahlrona Hot Chocolate w/ whipped cream $4.50
Fruit Pie: Fruits of the Forest served warm $4.50
w/ Vanilla Ice Cream $5.50
Chocolate Ginger Bread Pudding w/whipped cream $4.50