226 Front Street NYC 10038 (212)285-BAKE


LUNCH SPECIALS CHANGE DAILY send an email to madefreshdailyny@gmail.com to receive our menus! CALL 212-285-BAKE to place an order for pick-up!
Special Salad of the Day $10.75
Special Sandwich of the Day $10.75
Farmhouse Egg Frittata of the day served w/ green salad & toasted focaccia $9.75
Chili of the Day served w/ tortilla chips OR w/ wild rice, cheddar, sour cream, avocado, cilantro & tortilla chips $8.95 / 10.95
Soup of the Day $6.95
regular menu items:
Rustic Chicken Soup w/ roasted cauliflower & pearl pasta $6.95
Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich w/ roasted grape tomatoes & arugula mayo on toasted rye $8.75
Classic Tuna Sandwich w/ lemon-chive mayo on toasted rye $8.75
TURKEY SANDWICH w/ arugula & avocado mash on toasted multigrain $9.75
Curried Tuna Salad w/ chopped apple & golden raisins w/ lemon vinaigrette on arugula-romaine OR on toasted multigrain w/ arugula & lemon mayo $9.75
Chicken BBQ Salad w/ avocado, coleslaw, grape tomatoes & lime-cilantro vinaigrette on arugula-romaine $9.75
Housemade Hummus & Crunchy Green Salad w/ arugula, romaine, green cabbage, cucumber, green beans & avocado, served w/ toasted olive oil-oregano pita $9.75
BBQ Chicken Sandwich on a seeded brioche bun w/ potato chips, slaw & pickles $8.75
Chicken BBQ Salad w/ avocado, coleslaw, grape tomatoes & lime-cilantro vinaigrette on arugula-romaine salad, served w/ tortilla chips $9.75
Housemade Drinks
citrus Black Tea w/ fresh orange & lemon juice (unsweetened) $2.95
Iced Green Tea w/ ginger & lime $2.95
Cranberry-Pomegranate Iced Tea $2.95
Raspberry-Rosehip-Hibiscus herbal tea (unsweetened) $ 2.95
Lemonade of the Day $2.95
ORGANIC YOGURT SMOOTHIE blueberry-pomegranate, banana-mango, strawberry or Orange Julius $5.50
Housemade Hot Drinks:
beligian hot chocolate w/ homemade marshmallows or fresh whipped cream $3.50 / $4.50
Hot Apple Cider $1.95 / 2.95
cafe au lait w/ whole, skim or soy milk $3.00 / 4.00
Coffee (our custom blend made with Porto Rico Importing Company beans) $1.95 / $2.45
Tea $1.75 / $2.25
More Drinks:
Inko's White Tea (white peach or original) $2.75
Teas' Tea (Green Jasmine, Lemongrass Green, Pure Green, Mint Green) $3.00
Odwalla $4.25
Boylans all-natural sodas (Cane Cola, Diet Cane Cola, Black Cherry, Orange, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Seltzer, Lemon Seltzer) $1.95
Mash carbonated, lightly sweetened fruity drinks (Mango-Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Blueberry Pomegranate, Lemon-Ginger) $2.25
Cupcake of the Day $1.50 / 2.75
Fresh Baked Cookies Chocolate Chip w/ Mast Brothers chocolate & cocoa nibs, Oatmeal-Cherry, White Chocolate-Apricot $1.75
Brownies w/ cayenne, dulce de leche & sea salt $3.95
Fruit crumble bar $3.95