226 Front Street NYC 10038 (212)285-BAKE


At Made Fresh Daily we do straightforward classic American cooking, using all-natural ingredients including all-organic dairy, local farmhouse eggs, and no refined sugars or flours. Our food is a riff on comfort food but we go beyond the gloppy heavy stuff. Our comfort food is fresher, lighter and a little less of a cliche.

So our deviled farmhouse eggs are topped with crumbled chipotle bacon (and the "deviled" part is lightened with olive oil and lots of Dijon mustard in addition to a little mayo), pigs in blankets are made with mini organic chicken-apple sausages, classic pot pies are made with antibiotic-free chicken or beef, our pulled barbecued sandwich is made with chicken and served with our signature red slaw (cabbage, lime-olive oil vinagrette and a hit of jalapeno), not the usual creamy slaw.

And if you remember that hugely popular 70s drink the Orange Julius, we've got it--but made with organic yogurt, fresh OJ and honey--like the original but less-sweet and fresher tasting.

At Made Fresh Daily we take our baked sweets really seriously. As moms, we hated to give our kids cupcakes because they were always super-sized, super-sweet and made with vegetable oil or shortening to make them more shelf stable. We use unbleached flours and sugars, and our signature frosting is made with organic cream cheese and less sugar than the traditional recipe. Our carrot cupcakes have a little whole wheat flour mixed in and orange juice to replace some of the sugar; our chocolate cupcakes have Valrhona chocolate, our vanilla has imported Tahitian vanilla, our banana has more banana. Basically we just make our sweet stuff with more real stuff and no junk (at a recent tasting a French-trained pastry chef called our cupcakes' flavor "honest" -- a little weird but we kind of know what he means). And it's not just about cupcakes--we make bread pudding, cookies, brittles and one-off candies like dark chocolate bark with sea salt almonds. And our breakfast muffins are not too-sweet and loaded with fruit--not just big cupcakes consumed before noon.

Our food doesn't have that "trying hard to be healthy" taste--it just tastes really good. We never want someone to take a bite of a cupcake--or a barbecued sandwich!--and think anything other than "delicious." Our training wasn't in four-star restaurants, we just always loved to cook for our family and friends and this is what it turned into. Moms hire us to do kids' birthday parties because they know that the food is good, and that both kids and adults will love it. People discover our place for Saturday brunch, turn up again for breakfast on Sunday--and then come every weekend. Guys on Wall Street who can (still!) order fancy steak lunches are order our pot pies and turkey meatloaf sandwiches by the dozen. So stop by and see why everything tastes better if it's Made Fresh Daily.

At this time we do not deliver, but please call 212-285-BAKE to place an order for pick-up!